Friday, 6 January 2012


I seen this post on another blog and thought it was a funny subject to read about. As difficult as it was here is my top 5 pet peeves! Feel free to add your own in comments below :)

1. STUPID QUESTIONS: This can apply to anyone and any subject but mine seems to revolve around work. As I work in a nightclub I get questions such as, "What you doing tonight?" As I am standing behind the work!?!? or if I am not working one night, but happen to be in the place having a drink with friends, "Not working tonight?" .. I am actually working, just not wearing my uniform and on the wrong side of the bar. idiot. Or lastly, not work related, when you're buying stuff and they ask "Would you like a bag?" when you have about 15 objects. No thanks, I'm just gonna balance this all on my head.

2. SLOW WALKERS: Usually tend to be elderly or mums that are in a shopping centre. So you're walking behind them in a rush, trying to get past, then BAM.. they see someone they know and decide that stopping to chat in the middle of the isle is the best idea. GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!

3. MESSY PEOPLE: This is probably aimed at boys. I just don't get it! For example, me and my boyfriend would be lying in bed and we decide to have some munchies. There is a bin literally arms reach away, but he decides the floor would be the best place for his rubbish. no. that just means MORE effort to pick it all up later. My brother is so messy in the bathroom. He leaves whatever products he uses allllll on the windowsill. Why?! It takes the same amount of effort to put the toothbrush back to the toothbrush holder than it would to leave it on the windowsill. Just effort for everyone else!

4. CHIPPING NAIL POLISH: A silly peeve, but peeves me off none the less. You spend a good amount of time manicuring your nails, filing, buffing, bottom coat, 2 coats of colour, top coat, waiting for it to dry etc. Then that night....chipped. GRRR such a waste of time.

5. LEAKING WATER BOTTLE: For some reason this has happened to me a lot own fault really but still pisses me off! When I carry a botttle of water in my bag..go to have a drink and the bottle's empty. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Bag. Soaked. Everything in bag? Soaked. Not cool.

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  1. love the blog doll! you're super pretty!

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  2. Haha your pet peeves did make me laugh. I have to agree with all of them. SO annoying!!!


  3. I recently had the same experience with slow walkers... actually it was a woman who stopped infront of me when i was rushing over to pick something up in the boxing day sales! Of couse by the time i got where i needed to be thie thing was gone :O We have good reason not to love them :)


  4. haha! this made my laugh :0)

    so cute!

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  5. Definately agree with some of these!! Funny post :-)


  6. I completely agree with number 1. I work at a buffet, so people pay before they eat. Sooo many times have I been asked "so, what's there to eat?" right after they just paid and in 15 steps will see for themselves exactly what they just paid for. So incredibly stupid.

  7. Within my eyes: One day you should just tell someone that there something ridiculous to eat. 'Yes there's some fried octopus, reindeer antlers and our special today is cocroach on a stick' haha :)