Friday, 6 January 2012


6 days late, but Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had an amazing night and 2012 brings you everything you want and dreamed off. Personally my New Years night wasn't amazing as I was working :( I work in a nightclub and it's IMPOSSIBLE to get New Years Eve off work. So as everyone was counting down, there I was standing behind a bar, not getting to be with the people I love. But enough of the gloomy-ness!

I'm going to be telling you about a product that I recieved as a Christmas present.

This is "White to Brown" Selt tanner. As I got it as a present, I'm not completely sure on the price but I am aware that it was around £15. There is also another tan from the same brand which ranges to about £25.

(After first application)


(Day after application)

I'm in love with this tan! It applys as a coloured lotion, which is very helpful as it allows you to see where you are applying it, so you don't get any white patches! You must not move however after you apply it, until it is completey dry on your skin! My first mistake was to bend my arms, and I ended up with white patches on my inner elbows! The tan intensifys within 2 - 4 hours but does give you a healthy glow straight after applying. It doesn't completely wash of the first time, which is a good point if you're after a lasting tan. Overall I'm very pleased with this, definately will be purchasing this in the future!


  1. thats a gorgeous colour! does it stay on for long? x

  2. Yes it stays on for a bit, it lasted me around 2 days, but that was without exfoliating etc :) xox